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Wix Background Effects | Making Use of Reveal

What good is the reveal effect? When applying background images to “hero” sections, otherwise known as “strips” in Wix, there are a number of scrolling effects to choose from….and the list keeps growing. Parallax, Zoom in, Zoom out & Fade In are some of the more commonly used background effects used to make a site more engaging.

But what about the "reveal" effect? It isn’t a new effect. It’s been around for a long time….we've all seen it in action. Or perhaps we've only seen it in its most basic form....

What if I told you that the reveal effect is one of the most dynamic background effects with the highest potential for producing creative results?

While the haphazard application of background effects like parallax may seemingly work out, to utilize the reveal effect to it's maximum potential, one must first have intent!

Usually, when one applies the reveal effect just to see what happens, they are left scratching their head. It doesn’t really seem to create an effect any different than that of a background image fixed in place.

So what is reveal all about? In what type of situation does using reveal make sense?

Here are a couple of creative examples from our portfolio, all created using Wix:


Example of wix background effect

Depicting Software / App Screen Changes

One clever use for the reveal effect is depicting change to an app interface on a mobile or other screen. With reveal you can create the effect that the content on a phone screen is changing as you scroll down the page, while the phone itself remains static. When you pair the changing screen content with supporting copy, you can create an engaging user experience.

Here is an excellent example on a Wix site we built:


That Floating Feeling

Sometimes we love an image so much, we don’t want it to go away. Reveal essentially freezes your background image on the screen. The image remains fixed in place as you scroll….which means anything that isn’t part of the strip’s background image will continue to scroll by. When implemented correctly this gives the scrolling content ( images and text) a very nice floating effect as they pass by the static background image..Unlike assigning a fixed background image to a page background, assigning reveal to a strip background allows you to dictate exactly when that image first starts to appear, and exactly at what point it terminates….allowing greater control and creativity in overall page design.

Here is an example also executed through Wix:


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