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SEO Success Story

With the appropriate strategy in place, we helped a newly formed company position their website alongside direct competitors with over 30 years in the game. The website was designed on Wix, and no custom coding was used. 

What is SEO & do I really need it?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to an ongoing process involving research, analysis and execution of changes to a website in order to make your way to the top of search engine results based on a defined set of keywords and phrases. While good SEO is undeniably essential for generating organic traffic to your site, it is also one of the most cost effective and sound investments a business can make.


Will SEO get my website to the top of google?
Any well designed website stands a chance of getting on the first page of google. Climbing to the top position requires research and constant refinement and sometimes additional investment. Depending on your industry and the level of competition, rising to the #1 position can happen quickly – or take a long time. It all hinges on how much the competitors have invested in their own SEO strategy and how much you are willing to invest in yours.

SEO Strategy

As an SEO agency we rely on strategic thinking and systematic improvements to make breakthroughs for our clients web properties.  When you select one of our web design packages that include SEO services, we employ research to influence changes on multiple levels:

- Page Title  / Descriptions

- URL Naming Convention

- Website Structure

- Image File Names

- Site speed (desktop & mobile)
- Backllinks & Circular Links

- Blog / Content Building

- Page build outs

Over 75% of clicks occur on
the 1st page of Google

Page 2 of Google has a click
through rate of only 6%

More than 67% of all clicks on SERPs go to the top 5 listings

SEO Packages & Pricing

Search Engine Optimization Services



For those in need of basic SEO research and specific suggestions for improving their site ranking in search engine. Recommended for clients capable of executing their own changes to their website.

For Businesses: Any Size

Reach: NA

     Analysis of Existing Site
     Keyword Research
     Suggested Changes





Ongoing SEO maintenance for sites with 4-5 pages. Minimum commitment of 3 months required to achieve measurable improvements in search ranking.


For Businesses: Small - Medium

Reach: Local / Regional

     Full audit of existing site
     Competitive Analysis
     Keyword Planning

     Alterations to existing pages





SEO maintenance and improvements for sites ranging from 5 - 10 pages. Minimum commitment of 6 months required to achieve measurable improvements across all web pages.

For Businesses: Medium - Large

Reach: National / Global

     Full audit of existing site
     Competitive Analysis
     Keyword Planning
     Back Link Building

     Alterations to existing pages

     Page Build Outs




Do you have a special project you would like our SEO help on, but are working with a fixed budget or set timeline?

We offer project pricing to fit your budget. Based on the size of the project, timeline and budget we can come up with a custom SEO plan and execute it for a fixed price.

Reach out to discuss your project:


SEO Pricing
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