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Wix Website Design Edits & Improvements

If your site is hosted with Wix, we offer affordable flat rate design services. From full design overhauls to minor site edits and improvements including Wix mobile optimization, SEO improvements and more.  Browse our Wix web design services below. If you like what you see go ahead and purchase the service.  A Wix professionals will get in touch immediately afterwards to gain site access and get the project started.

Get ultimate support for your Wix site for a full year!  Utilize this plan to push your site further, improve the design, add functionality and much more. This plan entitles you to up to 12 hours of support from a designated Wix professional Reach out with anything as small as a text edit to anything as big as a custom intake form, email marketing support, technical training and more. Valid for a full 12 months. Utilize support for as little as 1 hour every month, or put us to work on a bigger project. There is no limit to what work you can request!

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 1 Year (12hrs) of Total Wix Support

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- Up to 12 working hours of support, fixes or improvements to your site
- Unlimited support, inlcuding email marketing,  automations, custom forms, Wix Code
- Anything from basic text edits to full home page redesign requests.
- Use it all up in 1 month or stretch it for a full year. The power is yours!
- Have a Wix professional within reach 9-5pm, 5 Days a Week EST

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Wix Mobile Optimization 

Did you just realize that your Wix site is a mess on mobile? Or have you known about it this whole time? Did you know that more than 60% of all website traffic occurs on mobile devices? That's a huge chunk of visitors who you may be putting off.  Let's flip the script!

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- Mobile optimization of 5-7 pages 

- Improvements to mobile design of header & footer

- Updates to mobile menu function and appearance

- Adjustments to text size, images and layout

- Guaranteed to look good on all mobile devices

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Wix On Site SEO Overhaul

This one time service covers improvements to key on-site SEO contributors including page titles, URLs, alt tags, page descriptions, header tags and more.  We conduct a short bit of research into keywords surrounding your business / industry before we go in and make the appropriate changes. This ensures measurable improvements to your search rankings.

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- SEO Overhaul up to 5-7 pages 

- Integration of research driven key words into page titles, URLs and page descriptions

- Implementation of H1, H2 and other tags

- Improved loading speed / image optimization

- Professional appearance in search results

- Guaranteed increase in search ranking

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Wix 1.5hr Quick Fix

Have a running list of small site edits, updates or improvements you haven't been able to get around to....or just don't want to? Let one of our experienced Wix professionals give it go for an hour or so.  You'll be surprised what we can accomplish.  Let us attack your Wix bucket list today!

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Can include:
- Improvements to layout
- Addition of new elements to site (videos, galleries, blog etc)
- Addition of a new page(s)
- Updates to / formatting of written content
- Addition of images / edits to images

- Changes to site colors and fonts
- Edits to contact form

- Setting up of products and services for sale online

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Wix 0.5hr Training / Coaching Session

Do you have questions about managing your Wix site? Trying to achieve certain results but not able or sure how to? We have the answers and are happy to impart our knowledge. Book a half hour over the phone training session and grow your knowledge of the Wix platform.

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We can show you how to:
- Create a responsive site

- Optimize for mobile

- Create individual blog category pages

- Create individual product category pages

- Set up Wix Database / Dynamic Pages
- Set up Email automations

- Connect Google Analytics
- Much more!

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Need Additional Wix Support not listed here?

If none of these Wix services fit your particular need, you're just not sure, or have a bigger project in mind....that's ok!  Drop us a message and we will be in touch!